Steps and Ideas for Chicken Coops

chicken coop ideasIf you are thinking of getting hens to have fresh eggs, you will need a coop. The size of house you get for the chickens will depend on the amounts of hens you have. The design you choose will depend on you.

The best way to go about acquiring a hen house is building one yourself. You can go out and by a coop but from my experience I do not recommend it. One of the biggest reason why I do not recommend a kit is because of the quality. The one I bought looked great and had lots of decent reviews but it did not last long before it fell apart.

The chicken coop I have now was built by me and it is heavy duty. It is built with 2×4 and quality material see the plans for this coop. I have 4 chickens and they have plenty of space. This design allows you to clean out the coop easily. It also has a nest box that makes checking for eggs very easy.

When you are looking for a design keep in mind how many chickens you plan on getting. You do not want them to be over crowded, make sure they have room to move around freely. The design should also have a nest box for eggs. A big door will allow you to keep the coop clean. The house should also have a vent and a roost. A small door for the chickens with a ramp is ideal to give them access coming in and out.

There are quite a few things chickens can eat such as kitchen leftovers. Leftover vegetables and fruits can be shopped up and fed to the chickens. You can as well feed them corn but keep in mind corn has GMO. If you live in a big ranch and have the chickens loose they will find lots of good food by scavenging, such as bugs and grasses.

New Plans for Chicken Coop

Chicken coops come in many sizes and designs. If you want a good looking and functional coop my advise is to follow plans. The size will depend on how many chickens you will have.

Some important key points to keep in mind before you build will be:

  • A door big enough to allow for cleaning.
  • A nest box to gather the eggs easily
  • ventilation
  • Keep it secure from predators.

Spice Up Your Landscape By Building A Garden Arbor

A garden arbor can have many uses, it can offer more than just support for your plants. Once the plants starts to grow on the arbor not only will it make a great backdrop it can also provide shade to a garden bench for a little outdoor enjoyment. There a lots of varieties of climbing vines that can be employed if the branches are thin enough to train and move. Some of the most common vines that can be used will be hydrangea, ivy, and jasmine. To add add a sweet scent to the air consider planting wisteria or honeysuckle. It is also possible to plant climbing roses and train them to grow on the garden arbor.

free pergola plans download at diygardenplans

Cedar and redwood can be a good choice to build the arbor plans along with a concrete pre mix to set in the post. To keep screws, bolts, and nails from rusting, be sure to employ galvanized. Some of the tools you will require will be a saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, level, and a ladder. These will be common tools many folks already own. If however you are building a more elaborate arbor more tools might be required.

If you are thinking about building the garden arbor yourself it wise to obtain some blueprints. Arbor plans can be found in do-it-yourself websites and books available at your local hardware store. There are numerous arbor plans available on the Internet and the majority of them can be found for free. The design you choose should be determined by your skills and tools you have available.

If you are building your own arbor, determine if you have all the tools required and what tools you might need to buy. Another consideration is time. The average arbor will take two days for completion of the project. If you do not have the time or are going to require tools, an arbor kit can be fast to set up with very basic tools.

Kits can be purchased at many home improvement centers or on line in many different designs. Redwood is a very typical wood used for arbors. If however you prefer metal there are many kits available in aluminum or iron. If iron is the metal of choice look for a hardened powder coat as it will add years to the durability of your arbor.





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Finding Shed Plans Online

There are many plans for the constructions of shed online. The best way to go about this is finding them in PDF format so you can download them.plans for sheds and storage utility

The plans I used were easy enough for me to understand. I found these plans online and downloaded and printed them out. I have not began construction yet as I have been quite busy at work.

Here are the construction plans for my new storage shed from DIYGardenPlans. I will begin construction next week and am pretty excited to get started. As far as the material goes I have bought enough to get the foundation up. I will need to make a couple more trips to the home improvement center for the rest of the materials. Pictures of my new project will be up soon.

To-Do-List Need to Build a Shed

I have been really busy lately and my house has become a nightmare. While trying to clean up I came to the conclusion that I could use a shed.

I started browsing online for ideas and found this site for building storage sheds. The concept looks fairly simple and I believe I can handle it after looking over their plans.

This week I will be away from my computer and will be organizing my home. I will also take on the task of building my first shed. I have done allot of research on the subject and feel confident in my ability to get this done.

Some of the resources I came across that were very helpful were these websites, Resources, Ideas, and PlansĀ for Building Storage Sheds, as well as this video.

As you can see on this video the plans are very detailed so getting this project done should not be a problem. I will need to buy a couple of tools but I believe it will be worth it at the end.

Now when it comes to construction I’m not a complete newbie. I have built projects in the past but never a shed. I will upload the pictures of the process when completed.

More useful resources: Sheds